About Luck Mortgages

The ‘Luck Mortgages’ team of Allan and Jessica Luck ‘each’ have over 17 years Lending experience, therefore we can understand the issues from all angles and can find a solution in most situations.

We are accredited with all the major Banks, which is a point of difference (to have all), not to mention the specialist lenders. Therefore, we can ensure we get the right approval & package for our clients.

All Banks have slightly different criteria, having access to all the major Banks can also ensure you get the best ‘approval’, and in the most efficient timeframe.

“Sourcing the best deal for the client is vital, we negotiate rates/cash with the Banks on a daily basis therefore know when a Bank is offering a very good deal, or when they have not hit the mark (and need to try again). Allan & Jessica have been arranging finance and personal insurance (in Allan’s case) for clients in all corners of NZ as well as for people situated offshore.”

Remember that the mortgage and insurance advice that you get from us will cost you nothing. Our fee for a standard residential mortgage is paid by the lender when the contract is completed. There may be a fee for commercial contracts which varies on a case-by-case basis.

We begin the process by arranging a face-to-face meeting where we will discuss your personal situation and look at the big picture with you.

Luck Mortgages can help you with

Residential properties
Investment properties
New builds
House and land packages
Lifestyle blocks
Business purchases
Brought by clients overseas
Brought by new immigrants


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