First home buyers

We really get a lot of enjoyment out of working with excited (but nervous) First Home Buyers. We ensure we are alongside you through the whole process. You will always know what your next step needs to be.

We know that buying your first home can be daunting, we are here to make the financial process easier for you. Allan & Jessica Luck at Luck Mortgages have over 17 years Lending knowledge each, and are experience in the finance, lending and banking sectors.

Luck Mortgages offers mortgage advice, we enjoy long-standing relationships with a wide range of major banks and lending institutions ensuring the best lending solution for your specific needs. Our advice is free. We are paid by the banks, so there are absolutely no hidden costs to you.

Feel free to get in touch with either Allan or Jessica to discuss your mortgage options, even if you simply have some initial basic questions. We are more than happy to help.

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